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Dog Attention Exercise

Dog Attention Exercise: Learn how to get your dog's attention

One of the more important tasks you'll need to perform in order for you to teach your dog efficiently will be getting his attention easily. It should be obvious to you that for you to teach anyone or animal like your dog something they need to learn, they won't be successful unless you keep their attention. Your efforts in attempting to train your dog to do something in a session will be worthless if he has his focus on other things.

It will be a simple fact that dogs can get distracted very easily. This will be especially true for young puppies. Therefore, your main task will be to make sure you can get your puppies total attention. The following exercise below should help you in this endeavor.

In order for you to get your puppy's attention, you'll want to ask him in a rather firm voice “Learn?”. You'll want to make sure that the tone of your voice implies a question as opposed to a statement. Make sure your pitch of your voice goes up when you say it. Immediately after you ask him to learn, you'll want to immediately go over to him in order to give him a treat and praise at the same time. Doing this will usually gather your dog's attention quickly. Getting your dog's attention will be of high importance for your continued training session to be successful.

You have now implemented this beginner's puppy training tip of gathering the dogs attention through this exercise stated above implementing the question of “Learn?” you directly gave your dog praise immediately afterwards along with a three as rewards for his response. This particular dog attention exercise made your puppy give his attention while also getting a good feeling inside from your praise and reward. Doing this a fair many times will help your dog to associate his attention for you as a good thing.

Please note that you'll want to repeat this exercise talked about above many times before using a dog treat to give him reward. Therefore, started out just using your own pleasant sounding praise as his reward. After many repeated times, use a dog tree in one hand when you approach him giving that question command of “Learn?” however don't fulfill his desire for that treat just yet. Instead you'll want to simply stop short of actually giving him the treat at about one foot away from him.

Your puppy will then have his full attention on you because he sees and smells that treat in your hand. He will likely slowly approach you being interested in that treat. At the time that you and your dog meet together, give him that tree along with plenty of praise. You might start to understand that this dog attention exercise will help your dog will learn that when he pays attention to his master, especially after hearing that command question of “Learn?”, that he will be rewarded with a dog treat and plenty of praise.

Hopefully or retain this important tip and use it to gather your dog's attention for training sessions. Remember that your dogs training sessions should be fun for him and you. Remember to never use any cruel or harsh punishment as a way of training your dog. Also, whenever it looks like your dog has become bored or more interested in other things, do not get mad but just attempt to train him at another time.

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